Who else is already tired of all the bashing on Whitney Houston?

Seriously. I mean, it’s been what, four days ago? Instead of hating on her so much, why don’t you have some respect for her loved ones and remember what she use to be, and not what she had become. Why don’t you sit back and admire how really talented and beautiful she had been instead of thrashing at the mistakes she made to make her ‘ugly’. Sure, she led herself to her own demise, but she was still human like every one of us. Her life still mattered.

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  1. sangindiva answered: AMEN!! We are human and make mistakes… but she also had a gift that she shared with us- RESPECT her life, legacy and family!
  2. queenaigethefirst answered: I was tired of the Whitney bashing when she was living! It’s ridiculous!
  3. xlive4us answered: YES I know I am tired of it she deserves more respect than that our Diva forever!
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  6. idlejovz answered: I don’t see why the’re the same ones who surfed youtube for all her videos after she died so imean…. #DontHate
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